welcome to busy little kids

As a mother of two young children, I found myself lacking inspiration to keep my kids busy and creative every day. I wanted my children to experience the same childhood I had - a time filled with daydreaming, exploring and creating. Making mud pies, building cubby houses, threading daisy chains, all the happiest memories from my early years. I yearned for my children to embrace the art of play and imagination, without too much influence from technology.

After talking to a few friends, I realised many others also felt this way, so the idea for Busy Little Kids was born. I started collating my favourite childhood activities, craft ideas, and imagination exercises. As I began doing these with my children, the whole atmosphere of our home changed.

Image by Jenna Agius for Cinnamon Lane
To learn about the world, children need to look, listen, touch, feel and taste things. Studies have shown that children with active imaginations are happier, more alert and better able to cope with life's ups and downs, all things that parents wish for their children.

Outdoors as well as indoors can be magical with the right ideas and tools. Whether they are little explorers, magicians, scientists or daydreamers, given the opportunity, children can discover magic in the simplest of things. Enjoy!