help little imaginations grow

Encourage little imaginations with this thoughtful collection of ideas to help your children create, learn, and get active. Busy Little Kids is an easy-to-use resource for parents, with an extensive library of activities that are not only fun, but designed to cultivate important developmental skills including speech, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

The Busy Little Kids App contains 110 educational and low-cost ideas designed to keep children active and inventive, each accompanied by a photograph to help inspire creativity. Packed with games, crafts and experiments for both rainy and sunny days in three categories - imagine, create and move. Each idea has a suggested age group and there is an option to save your favourite activities for easy reference at a later date.

No need to dread those rainy days anymore, the Busy Little Kids App contains creative ideas to keep your little ones entertained indoors. Create your very own story squares, try your hand at flower pressing, make musical jars or even go on a pretend holiday.

Make the most of the beautiful weather with an extensive list of things to do outdoors with children. With fun and easy activities such as a backyard sound safari, a dinosaur dig, or a mini carwash, both children and parents alike will love the Busy Kids App ideas.

The Love It option allows you to save your favourite ideas in a folder, so when you're stuck for inspiration while wrangling the kids you can easily refer to an activity. Save up to 20 of your favourite ideas into the folder, then just delete when you're done, so easy!